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Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Picture Post


The main conference center. I actually haven't been inside it yet.

Close up of the Word of Life sign on the Conference Center

The main floor of this building is the Dining Room (el comedor)

My Room... My bed is the upper right, with the cupboard right next to it.
My cupboard... This is basically all of my storage space. Everything else stays in my bag underneath the bed.

This is the key to my room. Pretty sweet, huh?!

Slacklining!! This one is Caleb's (multi-colored shirt). It was mysteriously stolen the next day from his room.

Josiah slacklining

Wesley and I with an Argentine soldier in the Pink House

The Pink House, the Argentine equivalent of the White House. The President's office is here, but apparently she doesn't actually live here.

On Florida St.

More Florida Street!

I really liked these multi-colored roses.

A door on Florida St. in Buenos Aires.

Fun Times with Josiah

Wal-Mart! A place we all know! This is Brett and Steve.

More slacklining. This one is mine. We slackline at least once a week in the afternoon.

Random worship session. These don't happen quite as often as they used to, but these are my favorite!

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Kristin said...

I love your photos! It looks so beautiful there! I'll have to check out La Calle Florida for myself one day. :) I'm glad to see you've made so many friends and are having fun!